Here is just some of the many Mornington peninsula venues we love!

Candid shot by a Yarra Valley wedding photographer, capturing a couple's tender moment among the region's picturesque vi

All Smiles Sorrento

All Smiles in Sorrento offers a truly magnificent setting for wedding photography, with its breathtaking ocean views and beautifully manicured gardens. This venue is exceptional, providing a perfect canvas for capturing the essence of a wedding day. I've had the privilege of photographing a wedding here during an electrical storm over the beach, which was an incredibly dramatic and unforgettable experience. The natural light, coupled with the dramatic weather, allowed for stunningly unique and emotive images. All Smiles in Sorrento stands out as an idyllic location for couples seeking extraordinary and memorable wedding photographs

Baxter Barn

Baxter Barn, set amidst its historic grounds and lush gardens, is a quintessentially beautiful wedding venue that offers an air of timeless elegance. The venue is renowned for its stunning ceremonies conducted in front of the charming homestead, providing a picturesque and romantic setting that is both intimate and grand. The well-preserved grounds are a treasure trove of photo opportunities, boasting an array of scenic spots perfect for capturing every moment of your special day. Whether basked in sunlight or under softer lighting conditions, the natural beauty of Baxter Barn and its surroundings ensures that wedding photos are nothing short of spectacular. The proximity to a variety of stunning locations nearby further adds to the allure, allowing for an easy transition to diverse photo settings that cater to all lighting needs.

Barn and Co

Barn & Co stands out as an enchanting wedding venue, epitomizing rustic charm with its elegantly designed rustic restaurant and cozy interiors. This venue strikes a perfect balance between rustic allure and modern comfort, making it an ideal setting for couples who desire a unique blend of styles for their special day. The interior of the restaurant, with its warm wooden accents and ambient lighting, creates a welcoming and intimate atmosphere for both ceremonies and receptions. Outside, the expansive ceremony area, lined with majestic trees, offers a serene and picturesque setting. This tree-lined backdrop not only adds a natural elegance to the nuptials but also provides stunning opportunities for wedding photography. The play of light filtering through the trees, especially during golden hour, makes for captivating and memorable photos. Barn & Co's fusion of rustic charm and natural beauty makes it a highly sought-after destination for couples looking for a distinctive and memorable wedding experience

The Continental Sorrento

The Continental in Sorrento stands as a pinnacle of modern and chic wedding venues, offering an exquisite blend of contemporary elegance and sophisticated style. Its sleek design and state-of-the-art facilities provide a luxurious setting for couples seeking a wedding with a modern twist. Located just across the road from the stunning Sorrento Beach, it offers breathtaking views and easy access to one of the area's most picturesque coastal backdrops, perfect for unforgettable wedding photos. The venue's proximity to the beach allows for a seamless transition from a sophisticated indoor celebration to romantic beachside moments, making it ideal for couples who want the best of both worlds. The Continental’s ambiance, characterised by its stylish décor and cutting-edge design, sets the stage for a truly memorable and upscale wedding experience. The fusion of its modern charm with the natural beauty of Sorrento Beach makes it a uniquely appealing choice for a wedding that is both chic and intimately connected to the serene coastal landscape

Dromana Estate

Dromana Estate presents an exceptional setting for weddings, distinguished by its rustic charm and elegant features. The highlight of the venue is the roof adorned with tasteful fairy lights, creating a stunning visual effect for first dances and portrait photography. These lights add a subtle romantic ambiance, enhancing the intimate and sophisticated atmosphere of the venue. Embracing its rustic character, Dromana Estate also captivates with its beautiful natural surroundings. As evening approaches, the vineyard becomes an ideal spot for sunset photos, offering a serene backdrop bathed in the soft, golden light of the setting sun. The combination of the venue's rustic elegance, beautifully lit interiors, and the picturesque vineyard setting makes Dromana Estate a perfect choice for couples seeking a venue that balances refined charm with natural beauty

Eagle Ridge Golf course

Eagle Ridge Estate holds a very personal significance for me, as it was the chosen venue for my own wedding 12 years ago. This venue is exceptional for its stunning ceremony locations, which are not only perfect for the daytime exchange of vows but also offer a fantastic setting for night portraits. When evening falls, the lighting at the estate creates a beautiful and serene ambiance, ideal for capturing unique and striking photographs. The versatility of Eagle Ridge, with its ability to present both a beautiful daytime setting and an impressive backdrop for evening photography, makes it a remarkable choice for weddings. My own experience there underscores its appeal and the unforgettable memories it can help create

Tanglewood estate

Tanglewood Estate is a gem of a wedding venue, renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty and serene ambiance. Nestled amidst lush gardens and sprawling vineyards, this venue offers a tranquil escape, perfect for couples seeking a picturesque and intimate setting for their special day. The estate's charm lies in its harmonious blend of natural landscapes and thoughtfully designed spaces. From the rustic barn to the elegant chapel, each element of Tanglewood Estate contributes to an atmosphere of warmth and romance. The gardens provide a vibrant, colorful backdrop for ceremonies, while the vineyards are ideal for romantic strolls and stunning photo opportunities. Moreover, the estate's panoramic views and the tranquility of its surroundings ensure a sense of privacy and exclusivity. Tanglewood Estate's combination of natural elegance, versatile spaces, and idyllic scenery makes it a sought-after destination for weddings, promising a day of enchantment and unforgettable moments.

Stillwater at Crittenden

Stillwater at Crittenden is a prime wedding venue set amidst a stunning vineyard, offering a picturesque lakeside setting and rolling vineyard views for a romantic and memorable celebration. The venue provides a perfect balance of indoor and outdoor spaces, accommodating different event styles and weather considerations. A highlight is the exceptional culinary experience, featuring local produce and wines that add a gourmet touch to your special day. The natural beauty and refined elegance of Stillwater at Crittenden make it an ideal choice for a luxurious and unforgettable wedding

Lindenderry At Red Hill

Lindenderry at Red Hill epitomizes opulence and sophistication, making it an exceptional choice for a wedding venue. Nestled in the heart of wine country, it offers an array of stunning locations for wedding photography, each boasting its own unique charm. From the meticulously landscaped gardens that radiate with natural beauty to the elegant interiors resplendent with luxurious décor, Lindenderry provides a plethora of picturesque settings. Whether it’s the lush vineyards that stretch across the horizon or the tranquil lake that mirrors the sky, every corner of this estate presents a perfect backdrop for capturing the magic of your special day. The venue’s combination of luxurious ambiance and diverse scenic spots ensures that your wedding photos will be as captivating and memorable as the celebration itself

Jackalope Hotel

The Jackalope Hotel is a celebrated wedding venue known for its modern luxury and artistic flair. Praised by many couples for its exceptional setting, it offers a wealth of stunning photography opportunities, from the striking infinity pool to its unique sculptures and vineyard landscapes. This venue blends contemporary design with romantic vineyard views, creating a perfect backdrop for unforgettable wedding moments.

Trofeo Estate

Trofeo Estate stands out as an exceptional wedding venue, renowned for its rustic charm and serene vineyard setting. This venue encapsulates a perfect blend of natural beauty and rustic elegance, offering a tranquil and picturesque backdrop for your special day. The estate's sprawling vineyards and beautifully aged wine barrels provide a unique and authentic atmosphere, ideal for couples seeking a touch of rustic sophistication. The lush greenery and open spaces are perfect for both ceremonies and receptions, offering ample opportunities for stunning wedding photography. Trofeo Estate's combination of scenic beauty and rustic allure makes it a favored choice for those looking to create a romantic and memorable wedding experience.