Every time I visit Tasmania, it captures a piece of my heart, to the point where I find myself playfully pestering my husband Ben daily with the question, 'Can we please move to Tasmania?' Despite his consistent 'nope,' I hold onto the hope that one day his answer might transform into an enthusiastic 'Let's do it!'

Tasmania, for me, is a breath of fresh air in the most literal sense. Its untamed beauty is something out of a storybook. A dear friend of mine, who relocated there, once described it perfectly, 'I love Tassie; there's pretty water everywhere.' That resonates deeply with my experiences. The island's stunning landscape has given rise to some of my best work in landscape photography. In Tasmania, you don’t just take photos; you capture moments of paradise found in its myriad hidden nooks and crannies.

In jest, I often say to those who ask, 'Tasmania? Oh, it's a terrible place, you should never visit!' But that's just my playful way of keeping Tasmania our little secret – an unspoiled haven that continues to inspire and captivate with each visit.

Ethereal bride twirling in her dress on a serene Mornington Peninsula beach
Close-up of wedding rings with Mornington Peninsula's vibrant coastal flora.
Candid laughter between the couple during a sunny Mornington Peninsula vineyard wedding
Playful couple running through a field with Mornington Peninsula's rolling hills in the distanc
Charming table setting for a beachside wedding reception in Mornington Peninsula."
Stylish bride and groom posing in front of a historic Mornington Peninsula building
"Lively wedding dance floor scene at a luxurious Mornington Peninsula resort
Tender moment as the couple exchange vows under Mornington Peninsula's clear blue sky
Artistic shot of the bridal bouquet with native Mornington Peninsula flowers.
Fun bridal party portrait with the iconic Mornington Peninsula coastline.
Bride's reflection in a mirror as she gets ready in a Mornington Peninsula hotel suite.