Hey There, Fabulous Future Newlyweds!

Are you buzzing with excitement about finding that perfect wedding spot in our gorgeous Victoria? As a photographer who’s seen a bit of everything, from the glam to the rustic, I’m here to sprinkle some of my photo magic on your venue hunt!

1. Let There Be Light!

Oh, how we photographers adore good lighting! It’s like the fairy godmother of photography. When you’re peeking around potential venues, keep an eye out for lovely natural light – it’s the secret ingredient for those oh-so-dreamy photos. Indoor spots? Soft, flattering lights are your besties.

2. Backdrops that Wow!

Victoria is a treasure trove of stunning scenes. Whether it’s the Yarra Valley’s vineyards or the quaint charm of Dandenong Ranges, pick a spot that screams ‘you’. It's all about those Insta-worthy shots, right?

3. Quirky Architecture for the Win

Fun and funky buildings or elegant, timeless designs – whatever tickles your fancy. These architectural gems add a dash of spice to your wedding snaps.

4. Room to Play

A venue that flows nicely makes for a relaxed day. And let's face it, when you're relaxed, the photos just get ten times better. More room, more photo fun!

5. Time is of the Essence

Timing’s not just for comedians! A venue with a chill vibe on timelines means we can catch those impromptu giggles and romantic glances without the rush.

6. Weather or Not – We’ve Got This!

This is Victoria, after all! A venue with a plan B (hello, cozy indoor options!) means we’re ready for anything Mother Nature throws our way.

7. The Rulebook

Some venues have ‘no-go’ zones or flash restrictions. Knowing the dos and don'ts in advance means we can plan for fab photos, no surprises.

8. Getting There Should Be Half the Fun

Easy-peasy access to the venue? Yes, please! It’s all about keeping the day smooth and snappy – literally!

9. Your Story, Your Style

Most importantly, pick a place that feels like you. Your venue is the backdrop of your love story’s biggest day. When it feels right, the photos just sing with joy and authenticity.

Signing Off with a Smile

There you have it, lovebirds – a little inside scoop from behind the lens on finding your picture-perfect venue in Victoria. Remember, the right place sets the stage for not just your ‘I dos’ but also for those magical memories we’ll capture together.

Can’t wait to snap your big day!

Jess, Pure Imagination Photography.